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Chiara Mair

Chiara Mair

First, we would like to congratulate you on your continuing success story and of course your making the podiums in the Topolino Cup this year, which you dominated both in SL an GS. We are a children ski team from Istanbul, Turkey.Our team members would love to hear from you the exciting journey you have been riding to the top.

AKS: Can you please tell us at what age and where did you start skiing? Where you come from?
I’m born on 31.8.1996, live in Götzens (Austria-Tirol) and i’ve started skiing on a little T-Bar Lift in Götzens

AKS: When did you first race? And when did you decide you take skiing seriously to become a racer?
I also did my first race there, with 2,5 years Well, i always liked doing races so i didn’t have any other idea at any time

AKS: We know that you are getting an amazing amount of support from your family. Can you comment on that? What percentage of your time on snow do you spend with your family and how much away?
Yeah, my dad always prepares my skies and my mum and my privat trainer (Dieter Bartsch) train every day (in winter) with me on snowJ There isn’t much time in winter to ski with my family.. but thats okay- i do my races in winter, and spend some weeks holidays in summer with them.

AKS: We assume you see skiing as your profession, and apparently it takes a huge amount of your time. How do ycombine it with school?
Do you get to practice and study in the same day, any day of the week?
I study at a privat school in innsbruck. I go to school in the morning till about 12am or 1 pm,then my mum gets me from school and we go to training. Then after the training i need to study and do my homework, so there isn’t a lot time  for  my friend in winter.

AKS: What would you say is your goal, or your biggest dream in skiing? Who is your role model in skiing?
My next goal are the YOUTH OLYMPICS. And my biggest dream is to ski hopefully soon in the worldcup,world chapionships, or olympics. And for sure i want to win there

AKS: Do you currently have any sponsors? Are you looking to have more in the near future? is it common to hear of young athletes that receive equipment sponsorship or even more covering additional skiing/training expenses etc?
In Austria you normally don’t get sponserd in my age,so my sponsor is my dad!:)

AKS: Have you skied or raced in places other than Europe? How different is it from European skiing?
Actually yes, but just one race in Candad- Whistler. I think it isn’t very different, just other opponent,snow,and a bit other weather conditions

AKS: Can you briefly inform us on your pre-season, in-season and post-season daily routine? In each one of these periods, how many days per week and how many hours per day of dry-land training do you get? How many hours on snow etc?
In winter i ski about 5 times in week. I didnt count the hours, but i estimate about 15-20 hours a week-same as dry-land training hours

AKS: Other than skiing and dry-land training for skiing, what are your favorite sports/hobbies? Are you engaged in any other sport (or hobby) which you believe has helped your skiing performance? E.g., do you like dancing?
I also practise speedskating in summer. I love it. It’s sooo much fun and you also get to know other people,get friends J I mostly train with my speedskating colleagues in spring,summer and autum. Really nice team/group tot rain with

AKS: Where do you plan to practice this summer? Have you already made detailed post-season program?
As i said, speedskating is one of my favourite hobbies. And for sure Iceland horse riding. Also one of my dreams is, to buy with my first prize money  an Iceland horse

AKS: What do you like to do in your holidays Chiara, when you really get a holiday and have time off skiing?
This summer i mainly practiced dry-land training. I skiied just 4 days in Bottrop (Germany) in a ski hall. If i get holidays from training, i always spend it with my family on a  cruise ship (AIDA). And next year i planed to travel to Iceland with my friend – for riding

AKS: We would love to invite you to Turkey to visit the Mediterranean coasts some day.
Many thanks for your time. Best wishes in your skiing career and best wishes in life too.

2011/4/12 Yusuf Gurel yusufgurel@gmail.com

Thank you, GreetsJ

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